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  • Increase your self confidence.

    "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy." - Unknown.

  • Improve your dental health.

    Unlike strictly cosmetic procedures, orthodontic care also can benefit long-term dental health by achieving proper tooth fit (occlusion), function, and making teeth easier to clean.

  • Create the beautiful smile that you deserve.

    It's time to spend a little TLC on you and your needs. The average person smiles 50 times a day. Stop hiding your smile. Let's make it a beautiful one!

we are passionate about creating beautiful smiles!

A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose. - Tom Wilson

Patient Photos by - Anchor & Spire Photography, Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer & Portrait Artist.

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Big Beautiful Smiles.
It's what we do.

New technology means less need for tooth extractions, expanders, and jaw surgery.
Damon System braces have changed the way we can treat orthodontic patients today.

This revolutionary system of braces utilizes a unique passive self-ligating bracket, or brace, and very light forces to achieve results beyond previously conceived expectations. Orthodontic treatment is now less time consuming and more comfortable than ever before. Damon braces can be metal or virtually invisible "clear braces."

We are proud to be premier providers of the Damon System and the #1 provider of Damon Braces in Kansas City and St. Joseph Missouri!

We would like to invite you to learn more about what this proven technology has to offer. You will see the beginnings of your new smile in the first few weeks of treatment and, in the end, will have a great new smile that will last a lifetime.